Tottenham third jersey color

After an immensely boring white home kit and a no-more-exciting blue away uniform, Tottenham dropped their third jersey for the Premier League 2023-24 season. The shirt follows the blandish style signaled by its predecessors, but one thing has picked the interest of fans around the globe: trying to guess what color it is.

Beige? Grey? Brown? Tan? Nude? Skin? All of them blended in?

Tottenham Third Jersey Color 2023-24

Once the shirt was officially presented, online discussions quickly heated up until the truth eventually came to light: According to Nike, the new Tottenham jersey is “taupe haze.”

Yes, it might sound like a term forcefully coined by an academic researcher seeking funding for a new study, but taupe is indeed a color. Technically, it encompasses a range of colors that span “from dark tan to brownish grey,” according to

The term “taupe” finds its origin in the French word “taupe,” which means mole.

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By the way, taupe is not a stranger in the Nike universe: Air Jordan, one of its subsidiary brands, has a few shoes in that hue.

Speaking about the jersey itself, we know we said the design is on the blandish side. However, that doesn’t mean that it is ugly. The use of taupe with black on the side panels and cuffs creates a rather elegant and timeless look.

Sadly, in its official debut against Fulham, Tottenham ended up being eliminated from the Carabao Cup.

Tottenham 2023-24 third jersey in toupe color will hit the stores on Friday, Sept. 1.



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