Padova Jersey 2023-24

Calcio Padova completed its 2023-24 jersey collection by releasing their third kit this week. The new stripe is a little gem that will surely captivate the tastes of soccer hipsters around the world, as well as coffee connoisseurs.


How is this related to coffee? Just hold my cappuccino. 

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Padova Jersey 2023-24

Designed by Macron Sports and the agency Superfly Lab, the jersey is green and features a graphic inspired by marble. This combination is not coincidental; it’s a deliberate reference to the tables you can find at the iconic Caffè Pedrochi, the town’s oldest coffee shop (established in 1831), and its famous Green Room.

According to locals, the Green Room has historically been a place of gathering for the city’s poorer residents and students, providing a space to hang out without the obligation to buy products from the shop.

Some even suggest that the Italian phrase ‘essere al verde’ —which translates to ‘to be penniless’ — originated here.

In our eyes, the concept is brilliant, and we are sure it will be a good addition for those soccer hipsters looking for less-known teams to support. Do you want some data? Calcio Padova is currently in Serie C – Italy’s third division – and hasn’t been in Serie A – the top category – since the 1995-96 season. 

By the way, the third jersey isn’t the only look from Padova & Macron that highlights the connection between the club and its city. The home kit, which combines white with red pinstripes, brings back memories from the 1980s and was introduced by several shop owners from downtown Padova. 

Lastly, the away uniform is red and features a blue cross on the left side, displaying a pattern inspired by the walls of the gothic-styled Church of the Hermits, a city landmark built in the 13th century. 

Where to buy Calcio Padova new kits?

Both the home and away kits are available at the Macron Sports online store, and we suppose that the third strip — the inspiration for this post— will be available there soon.


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